Adding two tags

Democratic Socialist Assembly Liossalde 2014-04-25 00:38:29

A proposal to include the Eco-Friendly and Communist tags to the region.

It may has been over a year, but it is intresting to watch over discutions like this. Well, with an open poll, the former minister of Domestic Affairs, Grobladonia, proposed to add two new tags : "Communist" and "Eco-Friendly". The voters, had the chance to choose between three choises : a)For , b)Against and c)Neutral.

It was made clear from the beginning, that all participants wanted the tag "Eco-Friendly" to be representative of their region. Examples are Ratateague and Laevendell. After this collection of majority, the "Eco-Friendly" passed and the place were taken by the tag "Anarchist". There were a lot of complains about this tag, and the results (as for now -it is still open for voters-) are totaly a loud voice : The majority of voters said "Against", with a fair 46,2% (or 12 out of 26 voters) and only a 26,9 % (or 7 out of 26) to be on with it and voting "For". Another 26,9% (7 out of 26) were neutral.

On the other hand, the "Communist" tag is the most disscused issue. Winning the poll with a long 53,8% (or 14 out of 26) against a 23,1% for "Against" and "Neutral", was the core for further discutions. Sodankyla's ruler said that he was split-minded : "Communist tag; meh, I'm split. Since our region compromises everyone from pretty much all over the left, I would think it would contradict to a good bit of the community here in terms of ideology, but then again it'll maybe attract more leftists to us".

Herrebrugh posted his thoughts too about the "Communist" tag : "On the communist tag... Well, there are Marxists here. I'd say, if they express the will to have communism included in our tag list, we should. But if none really cares... Well... None really cares."

But the most eye-catching post-reply, was the Grobladonia answer to Sodankyla's statement : "Sorry, I'm not seeing how the Communist tag would contradict the ideology of the DSA. Since the region is a place where all leftists are welcome to come and debate their ideas or current events I think it would be a good idea to signal that through our tags as clearly as possible". Sodankyla replied with a quote after, saying : "I didn't quite mean the region as a whole, i just meant some individuals. But either way, I get your point. I'm neutral to it I guess; I wouldn't mind it being there".

The last silence was broke, when Terlibe replied to both Grobladonia and Sodankyla, with the bellow words : "I get where both sides are coming from here. A Communist tag would contradict my personal beliefs, but it wouldn't contradict the regions collective ideology. I've always liked the DSA because it is not so radically left. That being said, the region having a Communist tag wouldn't bother me a bit. So I guess I would say I'm neutral".

The posts about it continued and reached a total number of 4 pages in the forum. It has been a year, and still none of the elected delegates enacted the Communist tag in the formal regional tags, although it has the majority of the voters with it. The question is one : Does that mean something ?