DSA Embassy Chaos!

Democratic Socialist Assembly Terlibe 2013-09-08 03:06:20

One closed, one in danger, one opened, and one pending.

As August came to an end, and September approached, some regions questioned whether to keep their embassies with the Democratic Socialist Assembly or not. The nations of the Communist International League decided to re-examine their embassy. Some voiced support, and some voiced opposition. As time went on, the debate ensued, sometimes becoming quite heated.

As this was happening, PanSocialist Movement, the founder of the United Peoples Front for Socialism, abruptly announced that the embassy between the UPFS and the DSA would be closing. This came as a shock to everyone in the DSA, probably due to the fact that the decision to close the embassy was not made by popular vote, but by the sole opinion of the founder. The embassy officially closed on Friday, September 6th, 325 days after it was opened.

After the announcement of the closure of the DSA's embassy with the UPFS, the CIL announced that they will put their embassy with the DSA to a vote. As the debate continues on the Regional Message Board, it is anyone's guess if the embassy will remain open or not. This has many nations in the DSA worried. The embassy between the CIL and the DSA is nearly two and a half years old, and no one in the DSA wants the relationship to come to an end.

Among all of this bad news, there is a diamond in the rough. After days of contact, the DSA decided to open an embassy with the Versutian Federation. The VF caught the DSA's interest by having embassies with the two of the DSA's closest friend-regions, the Social Liberal Union, and the Union of Democratic Leftist States, which is founded by a former SLU member, Azerzia. Diplomatic relations between the DSA and the UDLS have been in the works for months. The DSA approved the UDLS' friendship treaty, which is currently at vote in the UDLS. If it is also approved there, an embassy will be opened soon after. On top of this, the DSA is in contact with the Union of Free Nations, and hopes to open an embassy with them soon. Even with these two embassies being opened, there will still be a hole left in the hearts of many DSAers from the closure of the UPFS embassy. A hole that will only multiply if the same happens with the CIL.