6th DSA Elections!!!

Democratic Socialist Assembly - Governmental Windport 2013-05-31 14:53:27

On Sat, June 1 elections for the 6th Cabinet of the DSA will commence!

At 5:00 PM yesterday Peesident & WA Delegate Halatari announced that the Nominations for the 6th Cabinet of the DSA would begin June 1 and will last 5 days. Then on June 7 actual elections will start and go on until June 14 at which point the new Cabinet will be inaugurated

I had the opportunity to interview two of the most important members of the Cabinet, the President and the Secretary General.

Me: What did it take to get people to vote for you?

Terlibe: I think people voted for me because of how active I am in the DSA. Some members (namely, the Secretary General, who has since ceased to exist) of the last Cabinet were inactive for a very long time. I am always online because I love this region, and I think people realized that.

Me: What is it like being in your position?

Haltari: I like my position because it definitely increased my involvement in NS and obviously in the region. Typically, I have to sort through my usual tasks like starting discussions over WA proposals and dealing with Cabinet issues and cabinet discussions, which take up quite a bit of time. Also, I have to actively take care of all of my administrative duties on the forum, which can also take up over an hour. Overall, however, I enjoy doing this work as the President, and I would like to continue as the P/WAD in the next cabinet.

Terlibe: I like being Secretary General, but being in this position doesn't make me any different from anyone else in the region. I am just like any other citizen. All of my work is for the region and everyone in it.

Me: What makes a great Cabinet member?

Haltari: First of all, a great cabinet member has to be active in all aspects of the DSA, including the forum, cabinet meetings, and the RMB. A cabinet member also has to administer his/her duties efficiently every day. Also, a great cabinet member has to come up with useful ideas and discussions to further the activity of the DSA. A member of the cabinet should also remain civil on the RMB and on the forum, but humor is of course acceptable.

Terlibe: A great Cabinet Member is someone who cares not only for the region, but for every nation in it. It is also very important that they are active so they can do their job.

I also found out that Haltari wishes to retain his position in the 6th Cabinet. Others wishing to be nominated are:
Gervase - Minister of Immigration and Regional Promotion
Gullud - Secretary General
Windport (me) - Minister of Domestic Affairs

So to those people and anyone else interested here's are 5 things that will help you get elected.

1. Be Active & Online Consistently
2. Participate in Regional Events
3. Get to know the region and its people
4. Be able to effectively do your job
5. Bring new ideas to the region