DSA Congress Rejects LRA Charter!

Democratic Socialist Assembly Terlibe 2013-05-08 22:06:41

The proposed Charter for the "Leftist Regions Alliance" voted down by the Congress of the DSA. Arnhelm Declaration and DSA proposed Charter Amendment #38 pass.

While the Arnhlem Declaration, which involves restrictions on recruitment telegrams throughout the world, and Charter Amendment #38, which limits conflicts of interest on DSA Cabinet Members, pass with little opposition, the newly proposed LRA Charter was not so lucky.

Early on, it looked like the Charter would easily pass. This lasted until the most outspoken of the opposition, The Commonwealth of Gervase, expressed and explained his reasons for not agreeing with the proposed Charter. He gave the following statement for this article.

"I was behind the charter in spirit, but I thought that the execution in this case was decidedly lacking. Pan-socialism is something that I think the leftist regions of NS should strive for, but this charter wasn't going to get us there, and by the time I was aware of it the amendment period was over. I think we should work on deciding what we really want out of a leftist inter-regional organization before the next one of these treaties comes along."

Gervase posted his concerns on the thread of the DSA's forum where the vote was taking place. After this, the votes against piled up until the vote was tied eight for and eight against. However, two "FOR" votes where changed before the end of the voting period. One was changed to "AGAINST" and another to "ABSTAIN" ultimately leading to the bill's demise. The names of the nations who changed their votes is not being revealed in order to protect the new "private ballot" system the DSA now uses.

The failure of the LRA Charter, which was an attempt to revive the old UDLR (Union of Democratic Leftist Regions), should not be the end of this attempt. Most, if not all of the people in the DSA support a new alliance, but feel there are holes in proposal that need to be patched up before it is passed.